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How To Become A Feminized Cuckold Husband

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You say to yourself: I want to watch my wife with other men. The former is likely going to be attractive to most women because it doesn't mean if she embraces the male chastity lifestyle her man has to become subservient to her. My wife and I had a great time on our last trip and we'd like to tell you about it. A few weeks before our arrival in Vegas, I put out an ad online to see what kind of responses we would get.

Many first timers like to just watch the activities around them; see what the club is all about. It will cost you two cups of coffee for a whole month :) But this is optional, you still can download for FREE on slow speed, watch free vids first 100 times. However, it's not always been easy - and one of the mist difficult lessons I learned as a male chastity keyholder was that it's not all about "me" at all: it's about both of us, just as our whole marriage is.

This won't make her your hotwife (yet!), but it will get her used to the idea that you don't get mad or angry or jealous when she's with other guys. I'll say more about celibacy in a moment and why if this you're celibate but in a relationship, male chastity might not be right for you.

OK, so let's imagine you've sold her on the idea of sleeping with someone else at least in principle and you've NOT fried her brain cuckold white wife (related) with visions of hot, dirty sex as seen in your favorite porn film (that'll all come later as she grows into her role as a hotwife).

Another man has sexual intercourse with your wife. And finally, the obvious one: when your wife and her lover cum together in a steamy and sizzling climax, collapsing in a hot, sweaty heap of moans, groans, kisses and cuddles. In them the women dissatisfied with the cocks of their husbands, the most vicious and hot, seek to satisfy themselves with other men.

At this point, without her even realising it, she has grown into her role as a sexually liberated hotwife. It's one thing to see a lover hot and horny with your wife, and entirely another to see them kissing and cuddling and being affectionate after the passion has died.

This is a natural and easy way to raise the subject - and unless your beloved is a real prude, then this is going to turn both of you on. But just bear in mind at this stage it really is just a fantasy, a bit of fun. You'd be forgiven for thinking the chastity cuckold has a raw deal in life.

You might find that seeing your wife kiss another man is a lot more hurtful than seeing her having hot, passionate sex with another man. Allow your wife to rise to a state of high sexual arousal. The trick isn't just to get her to have hot sex with other guys but also to STAY emotionally faithful to you AND involve you to whatever extent you want to be involved.

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