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How To Keep Your Computer Virus Free

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Computer viruses can and do strike at any ... assault your computer by ... ... your system ... very first line ... is to boost your ... of these wellhi Computer viruses can and do strike at any moment. They assault your computer by destroying data,and rendering your system useless.The very first line of defense is to boost your knowledge of these well hidden malicious codes. Malicious codes come in three basic formulas.

Viruses are small programs that reproduce themselves for the purpose of causing some damage. Trojan Horses are disguised as gifts which may come as an attachment in your email.Once ran its purpose is to cause do harm to your system as well. Then you may come in contact with does worms which cause damage by copying themselves over networks as wells as individual systems.These codes alters not just one system but several within a network. After you enhance your knowledge of malicious code, know the symptoms of an infected system.

Strange PC behavior,an increase or decrease of data in a file, pop up messages,random graphics,and files being deleted are some symptoms of your system having a virus. The best way to find and remove viruses is with the installation popular anti virus software from Norton or McAfee.These programs readily identify infections as well as promptly remove them. Norton Anti vitus installs easy and a configuration wizard runs after the computer has been re-booted.

This software offers several options that give you the best virus scanning options.Use the neat update feature to keep up with all the new viruses.Their user friendly configuration leave no doubt in what and how you want this software to perform. What should you do to prevent virus infection if you don't have anti virus software installed on your PC? We should all give a word of thanks for the Internet. Rush over to one the free virus scanning services which will scan your hard drive for malicious codes.

Trend Micro's Housecall scans your drive for viruses, trojans and worms.They ask you to register first but you can scan without registering.Why not go over to http://housecall.trendmicro.com where you can go Visit Symantec's Security Check site and download their scan for Iklan Slot Online viruses software which check your PC for possible infections of any malicious codes.Go to http://security.norton.com/ssc/vc_scan.asp.

Don't do it.Don't say,yes,I will get anti virus protection soon.It will be when you wait one day too many and realize your computer must have a virus because it is deleting files,randomly showing graphics,performing one task when it should be performing another task, and other strange things.Take the time or invest the money for virus protection right now. Article Tags: Anti Virus
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