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10 Most Unbreakable Records of Sachin Tendulkar

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Statistically, Sachin Tendulkar has the most number of records any sportsperson can have in a team sport.

Any record book on cricket will start with the name of Sachin and end with him. If you ever happen to take part in a quiz on cricket, and if a question comes on records, playersintroduction.website2.me you can safely say Sachin Tendulkar, there would be high chances that your answer is right.

He is the player who holds the record for most number of years in international cricket. But there are other records that he holds. Oh, you know that, how naïve am I sounding? Sachin himself believes that records are meant to be broken. But that's so modest of him. Some records are not meant to be broken or can't be broken. Just as Sir Don Bradman's 99.94 test batting average, and Jack Hobbs 199 centuries in first-class cricket, and now Sachin's 100 centuries won't be broken.

So here is my list of Sachin Tendulkar's most unbreakable records.

Summary Table



Highest Run Scorer (ODI and Test)

18426 and 15921 = 34347

Most Number of Centuries

100 (51 Test and 49 ODI Centuries)

Most Number of Matches Played (Test and ODI)

198 and 463 = 661

Highest ODI Partnership Update: Recently broken by Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels

331 with Rahul Dravid

Most Number of Man of the Series and Man of the Match in ODI :

16 and 62

Most Number of Fours

4013 and Counting

Highest Run Scorer in World Cup


Most Number of Years in an International Sport


Most Number of Stadium Appearances


Most Number of Half-Centuries (ODI and Test)

96 + 67 = 198

1) Highest Run Scorer (ODI and Test) : 18426 and 15921 = 34347

Sachin holds the record of most number of runs scored ever by a cricketer. For ODI's at a certain point the media was going gaga over Ricky Ponting that he can break this record. Now everybody knows what happened to him.

In test cricket, Ricky Ponting and Jacques Kallis chased him but couldn't get past him.


2) Most Number of Centuries : 100 (51 Test and 49 ODI centuries)

Now, this is obvious. Nobody ever thought it that even Sachin will be able to do it (read 2006-2007). And every cricketer can only dream to achieve it.

I bet you this record is untouchable. Mission Impossible infinity.

And the above figure is only of international cricket. But there is the domestic circuit as well which he played away from the limelight. He has scored 80 centuries in first-class cricket and another 60 centuries in list A games.

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